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Recognizing Potential

Recognizing Potential Caitlyn Sommerville How Passion can Lead to Opportunity Caitlyn Sommerville tells the unconventional path of how she came to be a broker at

Building Out and Digging Deep

Building Out and Digging Deep Nate Larsen The Art of Authenticity Nate Larsen has been a broker with Canada ICI since 2015 and during his

Driven To Win-Win

Driven To Win-Win Yvan Repka Passion! The Key Factor to Being a Successful Advisor The most important thing for anyone to have working in this

When Entrepreneurial Spirit Shines

When Entrepreneurial Spirit Shines Yvan Repka How Company Culture Enables Brokers’ Success We recently caught up with Yvan Repka, the Director of Mortgage Origination in

Firing on all Cylinders

Firing on all Cylinders Kyle Edwards How To Create a High-Performance Atmosphere Over the years, Canada ICI has created a culture that places a great

Wired For Passion and Tenacity

Wired For Passion and Tenacity Tye Reidie Why Company Culture is Important Where does good company culture come from? Tye Reidie, the mortgage origination director