Wired For Passion and Tenacity

Wired For Passion and Tenacity Tye Reidie Why Company Culture is Important Where does good company culture come from? Tye Reidie, the mortgage origination director for Canada ICI in Calgary, explains why passion and tenacity are the two key factors in creating a positive company culture like the one at Canada ICI. Read the full […]

Executing the Perfect Play

Executing the Perfect Play Kevin Gardner The Skills You Need to Make it in Commercial Real Estate Kevin Gardner, director of mortgage origination at Canada ICI’s Edmonton office gives his insight as to what makes Canada ICI an industry leader, and what characteristics are important to have for those looking to find success in the […]

Know The Game

Know The Game Doug Milne The Importance of Leading by Example Doug Milne serves as the Managing Partner of Canada ICI’s Calgary office, while also excelling as a commercial mortgage broker. Doug details the importance of leading by example, and how this leadership style makes a difference for not just him, but the rest of […]

The Humble Start

The Humble Start Brandon Kot Finding Success through the Gritty Work Brandon Kot, managing partner at Canada ICI, discusses his humble start with the company, and how having a willingness to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work has served him well over his 13 years working with the firm. Brandon explains why […]

Go with Your Gut. It’s the Right Call.

Go with Your Gut. It’s the Right Call. Chase Allen How Commitment Can Lead to Great Opportunity Chase Allen tells the history behind how he became the managing partner for the Canada ICI office in Winnipeg and explains how his commitment to the company, and always wanting to do better has been a big part […]

Success Starts with a Spark and an Opportunity

Success Starts with a Spark and an opportunity Marg Sebzda How the Right Attitude Can Lead to a Successful Career Over 22 years ago, Marg Sebzda joined Canada ICI as an analyst after being offered the position by the founder of the company, Dale Klein. Despite having no specific experience in the commercial mortgage industry, […]

Asking All The Right Questions

Asking All The Right Questions Brent Magnan How to Assess an Opportunity Brent Magnan’s natural thirst for knowledge and relentless pursuit of success made him an excellent fit to lead Canada ICI’s Toronto office, a position he’s held since the Toronto branch opened in the summer of 2015. Brent explains why gathering the details to […]

A Relentless Pursuit to the Top

A Relentless Pursuit To The Top YVAN REPKA How to Build a Successful Career Yvan Repka, Director of Mortgage Origination for Canada ICI in Calgary, has over 15 years of experience working in the finance industry. He provides his insight as to the best way to build a successful career as a commercial real estate […]

Working Hard on and off the Ice

Working Hard On and Off The Ice LUKE CAIN No Limit to Where You Can Go Luke Cain, the director of mortgage origination for Canada ICI Winnipeg, describes the unconventional journey to get to where he is at today, and explains the serendipitous circumstances that led to him joining the company in the first place. His […]